Meet Iragena

As a mom of triplet boys, people always ask me if we’re “going to try for a girl”. I don’t go into how I almost died during child birth and met God and was surrounded by His white light, His love, His joy, His peace. I simply laugh and say no. (Read the full story here.)

But we now have a girl. Friends, thanks to you and your generous purchases, we have a girl. When looking through all the children awaiting sponsorship, we narrowed the search down to children who had been waiting more than 6 months. And then we saw Iragena, saw that she shares our boys’ birthday.

Her name is Iragena. She lives in Rwanda. Please pray for her.

Prayer for my sponsor: “To love people and to be God-fearing”

Prayer request from child: “I wish to be a great preacher and to be a business woman”

She is praying for us to love God and others. She wants to be a preacher and business woman. This sweet girl is wise beyond her years. Let’s pray for her, her goals, her heart.

CompassionLetterIragenaAfter her letter arrived, one of my boys wanted to immediately write back. Here is his letter to her…

See Rebecca St. James’ video about sponsoring in Rwanda:

It is impossible to select just one child to sponsor, so my dream continues that with continued sales, more and more children can be sponsored. The commitment for each child is $38/month. There are still many more in need of support, so please consider helping.


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