While writing my blog about giving, Give Today, I kept coming across folks who were doing what I dreamed of: combining creative passions with giving back. With many prayers and fine-tuning, I am excited to make the leap from “dreamer” to “reality”.

howitwentdownWhile at a Rend Collective Experiment & Tenth Avenue North concert, a lovely girl sitting behind me, tapped my shoulder and complimented my yellow envelope clutch. I had happened to make it earlier that day, exploring the option of selling similar bags. Her encouragement went even further when she handed me her card and asked me to create a custom bag for her tablet. Oh my grateful and giddy heart. And there was my first sale. Thank you, Candice.

Then Mike Donehey, from Tenth Avenue North, took the stage to talk about Compassion International and the powerful impact of sponsoring children. And then it clicked. Sell goods for good. And not just a “buy one give one” model, but actually make a lasting impact in a child’s life. My dream is to have a lots and lots of children supported through these products!

aboutmeAboutI am happiest when I get to do something creative every day. When I fall asleep at night, I see patterns. I’m that tactile person who insists on touching everything in a store. I’m obsessed with color. Painting is therapeutic. Happiness is creating bracelets or cutting Sole Hope shoe patterns (anything that allows me to use my hands). My mom taught me to sew when I was younger; a hobby that would sway in and out of my life. Sewing has settled beautifully back into my life and the patterns are being transformed into textile designs.

We are blessed to have triplet boys, so it’s important to us to teach them about gratitude, giving, and creating a community with these children we are sponsoring. Be part of our community. Be part of the lifelong impact in a child’s life.


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